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We know your type: adrenaline junkies who scoff at the glitz and glam side of Los Angeles. Give me something really exciting, you say? No problem. In LA, urban adventures and extreme sports provide high-octane thrills, and you don’t even have to go far to experience them. Here’s to all the folks out there that want entertainment of a different sort — five active things that will make visiting LA truly unforgettable.

Canyoneering in Los Angeles

If you thought Los Angeles was just an urban jungle, think again. This part of Los Angeles is all nature — hiking up a mountain trail with whitewater in the canyon below, rappelling off waterfalls, swimming around obstacles. It’s what outdoor junkies call canyoneering. www.alpinets.com/canyoneering.html

Get some height and rock climb in Rockreation’s 9,000 square feet of routes. Experienced climbers head for the lead climbing arch to traverse, upside-down, a route that goes from one side of the gym to the other. For free-climbing action, the gym’s bouldering cave tests strength, agility and precision. www.rockreation.com
The Velodrome at the ADT Event Center

The need for speed — on wheels. This $15 million, 250-meter indoor track was designed for intense cycling races for pro and amateur athletes. The velodrome offers introductory classes for anyone who wants to give the track a go. www.lavelodrome.org