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Formula1 Shanghai Grand Prix, China Live Stream. Some of the teams rumored contestants have prepared a return ticket to Europe directly from China, just in case Bahrain GP canceled.

Races ahead of the implementation of Formula 1 (F1) Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai this week, just a lot of attention to the issue being taken up threatening the Bahrain GP, ​​the scheduled event will be held on April 20 to 22 next.

As known, the recent protests and unrest in Bahrain continues to increase, with one of the main appeal is to cancel the event raised GB Bahrain race. Not only did the protests in the streets, the problem in the Middle East country that is still full of conflict between the Shiites and Sunnis, it also marked the hunger strike.

Recent developments, there is the threat of anti-government activists in Bahrain, staged for "Three Days of Anger" in the country, if the Bahrain Grand Prix to be held fixed at the end of next week. As is known, last year's Bahrain Grand Prix was to be canceled, due to political crisis and chaos that eventually takes a toll in the country.

Related to that, F1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone said that he was not able to force the teams of participants to take part in Bahrain. But he insists that only the authorities in Bahrain alone who can determine whether the race will still be held or not.

"We (F1) did not have any reason to force people (contestants) to go there (Bahrain). We can not say, 'You must go!' Although they (the teams) would violate an agreement with us if not there, it will not help, "he said.

"Commercially, they have to go. But whether they will go or not, it's up to them. I have not heard so far in addition to the team that says, 'We will be racing in Bahrain'," added Ecclestone, too.

What is the response of the participant teams and riders associated conditions, which so far has been at least seven policemen injured in a bomb blast and activist Abdel Hadi al-Khawaja who reported worsening conditions in the feeding strike in prison?

"I feel very uncomfortable to go to Bahrain," said a team of race leader unnamed, told The Guardian. "If I'm not mistaken, the only way to cancel the race without any incidents was to conduct a full military control. And I think it's not good, for the Bahrain Formula 1 as well as for themselves," he added.

Meanwhile, The Times, without citing specific sources, reported that a team has prepared a contingency plan for this citation. They among others are said to have prepared two return tickets from China to the staff and members of his team, a ticket via Bahrain, and the other directly to Europe.

Speaking at the Malaysian GP last month, the defending champion Sebastian Vettel and Michael Schumacher, both claim to still feel at ease about the status of the Bahrain GP. "If they decide that the situation is safe, then we need not worry. I was happy just to go to Bahrain," said Vettel, who by Schumacher followed by the phrase that he was "quite relaxed" about the situation in Bahrain.

Meanwhile, one of the highlights at the China Grand Prix this time are even covered by the Bahrain issue, the fact is Lewis Hamilton, McLaren team rider who will try to repeat the success of last year in Shanghai. As is known, in the last two races earlier Hamilton could only reach the third position but always get the pole position at the start of the race.

"I will not deny that I was disappointed with two pole positions that I could use to get the victory," said Hamilton. "But I chose to take that as a factor of luck that has not stopped it, and that sooner or later it will change," added the 28-year-old rider of former world champion in the 2008 season.

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