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The success of Uruguay won the World Cup, 61 years ago, when silencing Brazil at the Estadio Maracana, listed as a historic moment for soccer Los Celestes. As one personnel the latest generation of Uruguay, Luis Suarez noted its own ambitions in the Copa America 2011.

Statement of the bomber who is now Liverpool's uniform, can be viewed from two sides. If you take a moment right after a shootout victory over host Argentina cons, history refers to the successful team that overthrew gurem top seed, like a squad of PD 1950, has been in samai Suarez et al.

However, if the reference of the seconds before the game semifinal contra Peru, at Estadio Ciudad de La Plata on Tuesday (19 / 7), means the history of the intent former Ajax striker is the ambition to win the Copa-15. Understandably, step on this issue, a collection of trophies Uruguay Argentina coupled in parallel with the number 14. Additional trophies will certainly carve a new history in the arena football terwahid realm of South America.

Charruas ambitions should not be underestimated. The results are less impressive at the beginning of the tournament rather should be read as a signal of danger by their rivals. Yes, Uruguay is known slow in starting a championship, but the graph continues to rise towards the finish. Kesemifinal rate of PD 2010 and was almost similar.

So, do not be surprised the score 1-1 in the group stage and then, would be refurbished into a convincing victory. Moreover, Rodriguez and Luiz Alberto Advincula missing from the starting line-up of Peru terakibat yellow card accumulation. Despite also losing Diego Perez, scorer against Argentina, and not necessarily able to merumputkan Edinson Cavani following the injury, the material can be added a genius coach Oscar Tabarez, Uruguay remained greater chance.

Head to head Peru vs Uruguay:
July 4, 2011 (Copa America) Uruguay 1-1 Peru
September 5, 2009 (KPD 2010) Peru 1-0 Uruguay
June 17, 2008 (KPD 2010) Uruguay 6-0 Peru
June 26, 2007 (Copa America) Uruguay 0-3 Peru

Last five games Peru:
July 17, 2011 (CA) Colombia 0-2 Peru
July 13, 2011 (CA) Chile 1-0 Peru
July 9, 2011 (CA) Peru 1-0 Mexico
July 5, 2011 (CA) Uruguay 1-1 Peru
June 1, 2011 (KC) Japan 0-0 Peru

Last five games Uruguay:
July 17, 2011 (CA) Argentina 1-1 Uruguay
July 13, 2011 (CA) Uruguay 1-0 Mexico
July 9, 2011 (CA) Uruguay 1-1 Chile
July 5, 2011 (CA) Uruguay 1-1 Peru
June 24, 2011 (FM) Uruguay 3-0 Estonia

Peru vs Uruguay lineup:

Peru (4-5-1): Raul Fernandez, Carmona, Vilchez, Ramos, Revoredo, Balbin, Cruzado, Lobaton, Chiroque, Vargas, Guerrero.
Reserves: Libman, Butron, Acasiete, Ballon, Corzo, Yotun, Carrillo, Guevara, Ruidiaz, Gonzalez.

Uruguay (4-3-3): Muslera, Caceres, Lugano, Coates, M. Pereira, Gonzalez, Gargano, Rios, Suarez, Forlan, A. Pereira.
Reserves: Castillo, A. Silva, Godin, Victorino, Scotti, Rodriguez, Lodeiro, Eguren, Abreu, Hernandez, Cavani.

Prediction scores Peru vs Uruguay: Both teams will likely play a draw with a 1-1 score in normal time (2x45 minutes). Watch Peru vs Uruguay match on channel 1 or subscribe to direct satellite tv on July 19, 2011