Chile VS Meksiko Copa America Live Streaming Tv Channel Online Free On July 4, 2011

Watch Chile VS Meksiko Copa America Live Streaming Tv Channel Online Free. Both teams are in Group C Copa America. The two teams last met in 2010, which Mexico won the match by a score of 1-0 printed by Medina. Of the last five matches Chile, Chile won the match 2x, and 3x series. Chile last match ended with a score draw 0-0 against Paraguay at the time. Of the last five matches of Mexico, Mexico has always won all five games. The last of Mexico ended with the score 4-2 on the USA, a goal scored by Bradley, Donovan, Barrera 2 goals, Guardado, dos Santos. Mexico has just won the Gold Cup after beating the USA 4-2 in the final tournament. Javier Hernandez would be a threat to Chile during the Gold Cup because he was packing seven touchdowns.

Head to Head:
May 17, 2010: Mexico 1-0 Chile (Friendly Match)
24 September 2008: Mexico 0-1 (Friendly Match)
July 4, 2007: Mexico 0-0 Chile (Copa America)
July 22, 2001: Chile 0-2 Mexico (Copa America)
July 17, 1999: Chile 1-2 Mexico (Copa America)

The last 5 Chile:
June 24, 2011: Paraguay 0-0 Chile (Friendly Match)
June 20, 2011: Chile 4-0 Estonia (Friendly Match)
March 30, 2011: Chile 2-0 Colombia (Friendly Match)
March 27, 2011: Portugal 1 -1 Chile (Friendly Match)
January 23, 2011: USA 1 -1 Chile (Friendly Match)

The last 5 Mexico:
June 26, 2011: USA 2-4 Mexico (Gold Cup)
June 23, 2011: Honduras 0-2 Mexico (Gold Cup)
June 19, 2011: Mexico 2-1 Guatemala (Gold Cup)
June 13, 2011: Mexico 4-1 Costa Rica (Gold Cup)
June 10, 2011: Cuba 0-5 Mexico (Gold Cup)

Predicted Starting:
Chile: Bravo, Jara, Contreras, Ponce, Jimenez, Fierro, Estrada, Medel, Beausejour, Paredes, Rubio

Mexico: Talavera, Marquez, Salcido, Moreno, Guardado, Torrado, Castro, Barrera, Juarez, dos Santos, Hernandez

Winning percentage:
Chile 45% -55% Mexico

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